Club members

President - Jeremy Lees

Secretary - Andrea Lees

Treasurer - Ken Barker   

Fundraising Chair - Jean Wright

Community Service Chair - Martin Conlon

Social Chair - Jeremy Lees

Carnival Chair - Sophie Lees

Membership Chair - Jaap De Jonge

Youth Chair - Jackie Culliford

Message in a Bottle Officer - Helen Sargent

Used Spectacles Officer - Mary Hanson

Public Relations Officer - Sophie Lees

Web Master - Ken Barker

Club visits - Claire De Jonge-Vors

0845 Officer - Roger Starling

Club Members - Heidi Berger, Colin Buckley, Lyn Buckley, Chris Burrows, Gillian Conlon, Ron Cook, Mavis Cooke, Mike Cooke, Gary Gould, Pete Jones, Ali Kubba,, Andy Luckett, Sue Luckett, Frances McDonnell, Veronica Ridley, Phil Rippington, Mark Stokes and Martin Wright.

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