We have a full calendar of events but are always open to new ideas and always looking at how we can help with the changing needs of our community. The popular Santa Sleigh and annual Shirley Carnival together with the senior citizens New Year party, our Beer Festival and the spring fund-raisers are the mainstays of our calendar. /events.html

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 In the new year we hold the annual Shirley Senior Citizens Party and in spring it's our annual Plants Sale. Summer sees the Schools Gardening Competition and Shirley Carnival. In the autumn it's our Beer Festival and Halloween events. Finally in December it's the Christmas Sleigh collection. We are involved with local schools, colleges and youth organisations and take great pleasure in promoting and celebrating the voluntary activity young people in our area are involved. /youthactivities.html             

We support local causes, for which we raise funds, although many times we support events and activities with just our enthusiasm and hard work as we are first of a service club not a fundraising organisation.

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We often work together with other local organisations where we can achieve more together and hold fundraising events for particular charities. At the moment, together with Lions Clubs across the UK we are supporting Brain Tumour Cancer Research. Now and in the immediate future we are trying to support our community through regular Foodbank collections.

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 We work together in small groups to plan these activities and at our Business Meetings we discuss on going projects and keep each other informed as to what is happening in our different community service and fundraising projects and with our social activities. As we are part of an international organisation, some of the money we raise is also funding projects abroad. To get an idea of where we spend the money we raise please click here: /links.html